One of the more challenging aspects of growing fruit is the unpredictable climate. Apples in particular can be affected by adverse weather, giving rise to imperfect-looking fruit that, while not being suitable for wholesale, is still full of great and natural flavour.

The desire to minimise any unnecessary wastage led to the creation of our own ‘Suffolk Apple Juice’. Our apples are harvested and graded by hand, and those selected for juicing are taken on a short 15-mile journey to be pressed and bottled. The juice is returned to the farm to be labelled (again by hand), boxed and made ready for dispatch.

We now supply four varieties of our juice, in two sizes, to over 20 outlets throughout East Anglia, including fine dining restaurants, hotels and other prestigious venues such as Ickworth House, Down Hall and Kesgrave Hall.



Naturally fresh and delicious, packed with the wholesome flavour of Suffolk apples.


Raspbery and apple

Tangy, sweet and very tasty, it’s a wonderful combination…


Elderflower and apple

Full flavoured natural apple juice infused with the aromatic overtone of elderflower.


Pear juice (seasonal)

Packed with the intense yet velvety flavour of our naturally grown Suffolk pears.

If you’re interested in buying our apple juice wholesale, then please contact us for pricing and delivery details.