We have a detailed environmental plan and an unsophisticated business plan! While we strive to grow commercially and profitably, we wish to do so in an ethical and environmentally sensitive way, and see no reason why these cant run hand in hand.

We support a return to seasonal produce and take pride being a “local supplier” of fruit with very low “food miles,” which is the distance food travels before it reaches the consumer. (Food miles contribute greatly to CO2 emissions from global shipping, which are reportedly double those of aviation, and steadily growing.)

We harvest rainwater and we deliberately leave wide, uncut edges around our orchards to encourage wildlife. We have even created a half-acre high pollinating bed to encourage insects, birds and small mammals.

Red-Tractor-logoOur boundaries are made up of hedge that we manage to a Natural England Standard, and our entire farm operates to the Red Tractor standard. We are very proud to display the ‘Red Tractor’ logo.

Over 50% of our recycling is taken (by us) to a ‘not for profit’ social enterprise in Sudbury.

Over the next 5 years we will continue to:

  • Plant more orchards, eventually increasing apple production by 75%
  • Manage our natural hedgerows and wild flower meadow to encourage natural pollination
  • Seek new methods of biological pest control
  • Increase production without jeopardising or compromising our environment
  • Uphold the traditions of hand-picked and hand graded fruit